Saturday, March 7, 2020

Roc Marciano - Marci Madness (Best of 2019)

I waited later than ever to drop my yearly Roc Marci compilation. (I find myself apologizing for my absence quite often on this blog. Sorry. Again.) We're already in March!? S**t. Well, with March Madness going on I figured the only appropriate title for this year's comp would have to be... "Marci Madness." As always, I re-interpret the artwork from a Blue Note Records album cover, and this year it's Grant Green's "Mellow Madness." (Check out the comment section below.)

Roc released "Marcielago" late last year. He spoke about the album on the must-watch/hear Rap Radar podcast. In particular I was pleased to learn about Roc's vinyl haul - gospel in particular - over at a record store in Portland. No wonder "Marcielago" came out sounding so beautiful and soulful. One of my favorite albums of the year, no surprise. Grab a copy on wax right here. (I just got my pre-order in the mail about a week ago.) On "Marci Madness" I've got some highlights (three tracks) from "Marcielago", along with a diverse collection of 2019 feature tracks with artists like Your Old Droog, DJ Muggs & Eto, Knowledge The Pirate, The Alchemist, and more. This is my ninth(!) yearly joint for Roc Marci and the man simply does not stop. He's created not just his own lane, but his own subgenre(!) in rap, and it's been a delight both to witness the progression of his cult rap star status, as well as to champion him and his work via these compilations. As long as Roc keeps going, so will I... even if it takes me 'til March. Ha. Enjoy... and turn it up!!