Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Tape Deck '16: Volume #1

Taking a year off from the site was something I just needed to do. I was burnt out. (I still am, to be honest...) The amount of time it takes to put in all this work is more than you'd think. But "just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in." Not to sing my own praises buuuuuut I don't really see anyone else putting out content (or, rather, aggregating content) the way I do it. So I'm gonna keep doing this for the people who appreciate my point of view and my musical selections, along with the art, style, and packaging I put together.

When I was mulling over the decision to "return" to "blogging," I considered - thanks to some reader suggestions - creating a subscription-based service. But the truth is most people have come to expect great content (like this) to be free - myself included - and I'm not gonna force people to pay. It should be optional. So if you're feeling generous, please consider a contribution to Hip Hop Is Read (see the tip jar above). It's not tax-deductible, but if my work receives a nice amount of financial support, I can promise I'll keep doing this for years to come... HHIR started off as a hobby, but now it kinda feels like a part-time job, which is fine, because to a degree, it's almost like this is essential work. I hope you appreciate and enjoy it. Happy new year.

P.S. If I get enough requests and support (nudge, nudge), maybe, maaaaaaaaybe I'll go back and put together a "Samples of the Year 2015" compilation. Maybe. ;)