Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Beat Tape, Volume #1

A few months back I mentioned my plans for releasing an all-independent, all-instrumental compilation similar to The Tape Deck. That oft-delayed project has finally arrived: The Beat Tape, Volume #1. Featuring 20 producers and 40 tracks, The Beat Tape aims to shed some light on some of the great beatsmiths of the digital age. It was difficult to pick just two tracks from each of these talented individuals. With that said, if you hear something you like, please feel free to check out what else they've got in their repertoire (BandCamp, SoundCloud, etc.). Emcees who would like to seek collaborative partners are encouraged to get in contact with these beat makers. All are encouraged to listen, critique, compare and discuss. So with that... please enjoy, and as always, turn it up!!

<a href="http://music.hiphopisread.com/album/the-beat-tape-volume-1">Chant Intro by Hip Hop Is Read</a>

Location: Los Angeles
Contact: Twitter; Website; Bandcamp
"Chant Intro" & "O'dem Gods Play Dice"

Location: West Chester, Ohio
Contact: Twitter; SoundCloud
"Culture Clash" & "Sly Guy"

Brent MacKinnon
Location: Canada
Contact: Twitter
"Keep Off the Lawn" & "This Feeling"

dj mumbler
Location: College Station, Texas
Contact: Website; Myspace; Facebook; SoundCloud
"I've Seen the Days" & "Worldwide"

Location: Orlando, FL
Contact: Website; Facebook
"Brooklyn2Baghdad" & "I'm Not Scared"

Dot Silly
Location: Brooklyn
Contact: Website; Twitter
Represented by: Clout Media (Myspace; Twitter)
"Broken Dreams" & "Crime Pays"

Location: Providence
Contact: Twitter; Website
"Hope Is Not Lost" & "My Favorite Type"

Franco The Fool
Location: New Orleans
Contact: Twitter; Bandcamp; Myspace
"Honey" & "Springtime"

Location: Atlanta
Contact: Twitter; Website
"Body Soul" & "NIN"

Gee Wiz
Location: Baltimore
Contact: Twitter; Bandcamp
"N' Love" & "Undrgrnd"

Location: Petersburg, VA
Contact: E-Mail
"Both Sides of the Fence" & "Feelings"

Kid Konnect
Location: Florida
Contact: Twitter
"Always Beautiful" & "Catwalk to Success"

Location: Connecticut
Contact: E-mail; Bandcamp; Twitter
"Anon" & "Liberty City"

Mister Bibal
Location: Paris
Contact: Website
"Cosmic Trip" & "Keep It Real"

Mr. Mojo
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Contact: Twitter; Bandcamp
"Kleptomania" & "X"

Odd Knowledge
Location: Baltimore
Contact: Twitter; SoundCloud
"Chill for a Minute" & "Watchin'"

Location: San Francisco
Contact: Twitter
"I Never Had"
& "Once in a Lifetime"

Shy Guy
Location: Dallas
Contact: Twitter; Website
"Man With the Golden (Beats) Gun" & "The Living Daylights"

Location: Southern Cali
Contact: Twitter; Blogspot; Tumblr
Representing: The Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra
"Falling Star (Close Call) (Demo Version 2)" & "Wormhole (Edit)"

Contact: New York/Massachusetts
Contact: Twitter
"Amnesia" & "Noises Everywhere"

<a href="http://music.hiphopisread.com/album/the-beat-tape-volume-1">Chant Intro by Hip Hop Is Read</a>


  1. FINALLY!!! lol. Congrats to the cats on this.
    gonna check this later.

  2. Good work Ivan and all involved :)

    Mark my words one day ima be on this ish!

  3. Thanks. I like what I'm hearing so far... Honored to be in such good company.

  4. awesome compilation....i have a lot of work to do to bring my stuff up to the standards of everyone else!

  5. All emcees have to download this instrumental tape...I'm hearing a lot of hear on it!

  6. how do you get on there?

  7. Fellow beat makers...WELL DONE.

  8. I love this mixtape Ivan! The beats are bringing me back to a level of hip-hopness I haven't been to in awhile and I'm in a better place now. Sharing it with all my friends. Thanks maing!

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