Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thank Me Leaker

I can't stop the leak



  1. Ha it's cool though universal will cop some he'll do abou 430,000 in the first week go plat hip hops not dead it's just interesting anymore

  2. ima let my sis be the judge

    that's after all the target market

  3. So you getting it too and claim you got it for ya sister? Or did you buy it for the picture?

    Imma bump this cos u need some bangers for the summer to play in the car. So some nice beats and features. I'm not really sold on Drake himself, but some ok music to pass he time.

  4. album sure is girly

  5. Album is pop for sure but there are some songs I can bump. The earlier leaks mainly.

    Sometimes I dont care too much about personality, style, skills, image etc. An album with some solid tracks and production to pass the time until we get some substance in the Fall. Like Em, Kanye, Lupe and D-d-d-detox.

  6. hahah FD got the joke ;)

    But for real I did giver her a copy if she likes it then dude is set.

    There are some good tracks on the album, I gotta give it more of a listen. I think overall I might not dig that album, but I might play the shit out of certain tracks.

    Congrats to drake. Hope he does a milli

    looking forward to a review Ivan

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