Monday, April 5, 2010

Last Call for The Beat Tape

Back in February I announced that I'd be setting up a new series tentatively titled 'The Beat Tape' (like The Tape Deck) to showcase up and coming beatmakers and producers. So far I've got 9 beatmakers lined up. If you'd like to join in lemme know. The main goal is to get people to hear your music, but also to perhaps network with other beatmakers or, who knows, emcees who wanna shop for beats. A win-win scenario I'd expect - The Tape Deck for the beatmakers. Hit me at Twitter or my e-mail address which you can find in the Contact section of the site. One.

UPDATE: Unless you've already spoken to me, please hold off from submitting material. We're good for now. Stay available for Volume Two (that is of course if Volume One is a success).