Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hip Hop Art Gallery: Remembering Shawn Mortensen

Photographer Shawn Mortensen, famed for some of the '90's most iconic photos, has passed away. VIBE Magazine has posted an exclusive Q&A from June of last year, in which Mortensen discussed some of his greatest shots. He will be missed. His site is still up and running, where you can take a look at his gallery of work. I've collected a small sampling of Mortensen's portfolio below:



  1. wow that was pretty amazing, i hadn't heard of him before

  2. Never heard of him but I remember some of those shots. Really iconic images.

  3. Iconic images indeed, I never knew so many of those classic shots were by the same guy, and up until now, I didn't know that guy was Mortensen - thanks for the 411!