Friday, June 16, 2023

Digital Crates 009 //// T.A.S. 🐐

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It’s Re-Up SZN. And reminiscing over the blog era is in the air, too. I realize that the blog era means something different to everyone. I look back on that time as a period in the evolution of the internet’s inter-connectedness – I’m sounding like Dallas Penn right now – when the flood gates burst open, with information flowing freer than ever before. And by information, what I mainly mean… is music. Specifically, that meant d_o_w_n_l_o_a_d_i_n_g a whooooooole lotta music. I’d find one blog, subscribe to its RSS feed on Google Reader (r.i.p.), grab everything, skim through that blog’s blogroll, grab more stuff/repeat… it would never end. It still hasn’t… My hard drive(s) weighs a ton.

Earlier today, the Blog Era Podcast posted my Top Albums of 2008 list. Once again, salute to the Brothers Rosenthal. And salute to Riggs Morales, who recalls the days of a sample diggers heaven. I never wanna lose that feeling. Though I don’t post neeeearly as frequently as I used to, trust that I’m still continually expanding my music collection to this day.

And today is a special day. It’s the birthday of… Tupac Amaru Shakur. All things considered, still the goat in my eyes. Would’ve had a couple of Oscars by now, too… if not for Vegas. “Never been a stranger to homicide.” Happy born day, warrior.

For this 9th installment of Digital Crates, I’ve assembled all of the 2Pac sample sets I put together back in the day, along with my 2007 remix project Young Heart, Old Soul, the 2011 Hennessy compilation, various tracks from The Tape Deck and elsewhere (you sure as **** won’t hear most of these songs on any DSPs, that’s for sure), and a collection of VLS and CDS rips. Blog Era Never Die. One.