Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The '97 Tape

"The '97 Tape" has been up on Mixcloud (and even YouTube - a first!) for a little while now. Never posted it on HHIR. Oops.

I've mentioned the spreadsheet I'm working on. Sounds very white collar of me, I know. Once it's completed, I hope you'll all appreciate the value I feel it represents as a testament to "The Blog Era" (and the time and effort that went into it). Speaking of "The Blog Era", make sure to check out the new podcast from our ItsTheReal friends, the Brothers Rosenthal.

On to The Tape Deck #497... I kept a slot open for #497 just for this mix, which was originally featured as two separate single-hour segments on the eight-hour-long compilation, Digital Crates #001. Might do the same later this year for '98. And maybe '03. And '08. And...

'Til then, enjoy... and turn it up.

3/29/23 UPDATE