Sunday, December 18, 2022

Digital Crates 003

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FYI: This compilation is strictly…

Yes, this is yet another preview (an 8-hour long PREVIEW?) of SOTY2022. (With Digital Crates 003, we’ve just nearly reached 24 hours of music in this new series.) To the wonderful patrons (the few, the proud…) who have heard the early version of SOTY2022, what do you think? Any favorite flips of the year? Lemme know. (Anything you heard throughout the year that maybe I didn’t? πŸ‘€) Tweet, e-mail (hiphopisread αŽͺαŽ’α‚Ίπ–¬αŽͺ⡊α’ͺαŽ Υ•αŽ’α‘•Υ•π–¬), comment @ Mixcloud. Diggers and music lovers, enjoy these sounds. The first seven hours are various ranges of soulful, but then in the eighth hour, things get a little… STRANGE. Enjoy… and turn it up!! πŸ”Š

15-Year Throwback: Check out this silly little post from 2007, back when blogs were blogs. See that second guy from the left? Yeah. Just some kid named Lionel Messi. πŸ†

Next time: Digital Crates 004 is already wrapped up. Also, it will be all rap. (See you soon...) 🎁