Monday, December 5, 2022

Digital Crates 001 x Patreon

Celebrating fifteen years of Hip Hop Is Read, I’ve had some time to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going… This year, I released The Tape Deck #500 and I’m hoping one day we’ll get to #1000. But I need your help. The entire HHIRxBBB Mixcloud catalog, save for 10 shows, is currently in “draft” mode, due to Mixcloud’s new rules:
From the 1st December, there will be a total allowance of 10 published shows and 5 published tracks for creators on the Basic tier. Each show can be 15 minutes to 8 hours long and each track can be up to 15 minutes long.
In order to get the full catalog back up, I'll need to upgrade to a Pro account. Hip Hop Is Read has always existed as an outlet to share music. This has been a passion of mine since I was dubbing tapes and burning CDs for friends since the 90s (and I’m an 80s baby). Now I am forever happy to share music for free, but I draw the line at having to PAY to do it lol I mean come on now… Trust that if I was flush with cash, I’d be happy to pay for this charge, but in 2022, I’ve been hit with the challenge of paying for my grandmother’s healthcare costs and it really isn’t a possibility for me to keep doing any of this without your help. And so, after holding out for a long, long time, and per some of your recommendations, I’ve finally set up a Patreon for Hip Hop Is Read:

Why continue to use Mixcloud at all and not just stick to 🏴‍☠️¡r@cy? HA! Well, I’d like to do both :) As fun as download links are – much, MUCH more on that later… – having a “legit” and streamable service like Mixcloud has been a big part of keeping HHIR alive. Can’t lie, it’s given me endless joy over the years to build a following on Mixcloud and to receive daily notifications on my phone, letting me know that listeners have liked and reposted my mixes, new and old. As I mentioned above, Mixcloud’s new rules state that a show can be up to 8 hours long...
Most of my shows have been about an hour-long (tape length!), but now there really isn't any reason for me to NOT dig in and take advantage of the full eight hours provided. (At least until/if I switch over to Mixcloud Pro.) And so, allow me to introduce: Digital Crates 001.

Streaming below and available for download in late December (along with the 300+ tracks #SOTY2022, which is dropping later this month):

2 hours: Samples of the Year 2022, Preview Pt. I
1 hour: ‘97 Rewind a.k.a. The Tape Deck #517
2 hours: Samples of the Year 2022, Preview Pt. II
1 hour: ‘97 Rewind a.k.a. The Tape Deck #518
2 hours: Samples of the Year 2022, Preview Pt. III

Enjoy… and turn it up!!