Monday, September 6, 2010

DJ Airius Presents: Nastradoormus 2012 - Hip Rock Is Dead

I'm not much of a Doors fan. Quite frankly, I think Jim Morrison is overrated. That may be a blasphemous statement coming from an Angeleno, but so be it. But I gotta give it up to DJ Airius for blending on through to the other genre, mashing the Doors with QB's poet laureate, Nasir Jones. Lemme just say this: it works. And it's good! Real good. Take it as it comes... and turn it up!!

Tracklisting + (Hotfile) Download Link Below:
1. DJ Airius - Hip Rock Is Dead (Intro) (1:45)
2. DJ Airius - Ain't Hard to Be Wild (3:39)
3. DJ Airius - New York River (4:57)
4. DJ Airius - Breaking Through Life (3:27)
5. DJ Airius - Doctor Backdoor (2:57)
6. DJ Airius - T-O-U-C-H-I-N-G (3:52)
7. DJ Airius - Rewind Feast (2:08)
8. DJ Airius - Crystal Love (5:08)
9. DJ Airius - Hang on to Ruling the World (5:32)
10. DJ Airius - End of Hip Rock (4:07)