Sunday, September 5, 2010

Diggin' in the Crates with... Volume Five: Pete Rock

Original artwork by Ryan Fors; "Yes you can buy one" :)

Even if Pete Rock isn't your favorite producer, I think you'd have to admit he's the greatest sample chopper of all time. Of all time! (Sorry, Kanye.) It's not just the eclecticism of his dusty digs, but it's the way in which he partitions his samples, as he explained in this interview with Future Music Magazine:

This fifth installment in my D.I.T.C. series features 43 tracks sampled by the Chocolate Boy Wonder. The playlist is about as diverse as it gets, with plenty of gems and obscurities from just about every genre out there. Some of these samples will jump right out at you, but most of them require careful attention - especially the jazz tracks - 'cause Pete Rock's sneaky like that! As usual, I've kept the "what'd he sample it for?" info on the hush, but it's not like you can't Google it to find out for yourself. Got any suggestions for volume six? Hit the comments section. 'Til then, enjoy volume five and as always... turn it up!! One.