Friday, August 20, 2010

Taking Over the Internets: PNC Radio in Full Effect

Word to Xzibit, I'm sorry I'm away so much... I've been occupying most of my time with work and my newly-revamped Tumblr site - specializing in dime pieces and jazz mp3s. Good times. Feel free to follow. Anyways, I thought I'd swoop in to remind you that The Combat Jack Radio Show is officially the shit. The shit? The shit! Every week, Combat Jack, Dallas Penn and Co. offer you that uncut raw, and what do you know? This week, Combat Jack gave Hip Hop Is Read a(nother) shout-out! Listennnnnnnnn:

MP3: Combat Jack's HHIR Shout-Out

...Dallas Penn's a fool for that one. Okay, now that I've (hopefully) got your attention, make sure to download the show in its entirety, bootlegged by yours truly:

MP3: The Combat Jack Radio Show (8/20/2010)