Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#SaveFatBeats #SaveFatBeatsLA #SaveFatBeatsNY

So I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Fat Beats is closing up shop. While their label and online store will still be as active as ever, it pains me to see these landmark sites vanish into the history books. While I’ve never stepped foot into the New York location – and sadly, I never will – I can attest to warm feelings and good memories at Fat Beats LA’s Melrose shop. The worst part of this, for me, is that I live walking distance from Melrose and Curson. I was there just recently this past Sunday. After Tower and Virgin closed down their Sunset locations, now all we’ve got is Amoeba Records. It won’t be the same.

What pains me most about the death of the record store is the fact that we’re constantly bombarded with news of vinyl’s resurgence amongst the youth and pop culture. Maybe. If so, it appears that hip hop is the exception to the rule – as it’s often proven to be.

It saddens me that major label artists, truthfully, couldn’t give two fucks worth about the closing down of independent record shops. What do they care? As long as they can break into iTunes’ top 10 list(s), they’re living comfortably, relatively speaking, in unison with the company/ies they work for. Record stores like Fat Beats offered independent and underground artists a battleground – a venue to display, perform and yes, to sell their music. Is it too late for a #SaveFatBeats campaign? I hope not.

Physical > Digital