Sunday, May 30, 2010

When I Wake Up in the Mourning...

Artwork by Carlos Latuff

It's 11:17 PM (PST). I'm reading the news about Israel attacking and seizing the Turkish aid ship to Gaza. I'm not hearing about this news because apparently CNN, NBC, certainly FOX and all the rest are too busy talking about Memorial Day... and pandas. I shit you not. This is nonsense.

At this time, ten people have been confirmed dead, with over sixty people injured. My conservative, Jewish friends don't understand how I, also a Jew, could ever possibly be critical of Israel. This is why. Israel has a horrible PR problem. And that problem is its own government and military. Israel heard the world's outcry during the siege on Gaza in late 2008/early 2009. They shrugged it off. After all, "all's fair in war", right? Well, this isn't war. This ship was bringing along food and supplies. It had been cleared by authorities upon leaving Turkey, from what I've read. Anyone who can deny that Israel is guilty of malfeasance must check their conscience.

It's worth noting that Turkey became the first Muslim country to recognize the existence of the state of Israel. Now, it's all but certain that Turkish-Jewish relations will suffer from this catastrophe. Early reports are stating that the Israeli ambassador to Turkey is unable to leave his home because there is a protest taking place and the crowd is surrounding the building. Diplomatic relations between Israel and Turkey became strained during the siege on Gaza. If this doesn't become the straw that breaks the camel's back, I don't know what will.

Communication has been cut off from the ship.

I typically don't write at night but I feel like venting so I must. And I'm writing this post knowing full well that I will wake in the morning with new stories of tragedy and heartache. It makes it difficult to go to sleep. Maybe I'll wake up early. We'll all be mourning for the dead tomorrow, right?


  1. israel is like hip-hop to me..
    i keep defending it everytime some shit go down..
    but than comes shit like "souljah boy up in this hoe..".
    shit looks bad.. 10+ people dead.

    clearly the army didn't plan that these peaceful pro-ghaza hippies would use force against the commandos. and it's like they never heard of flashbangs, tear gas, smoke grenades. and what about shooting hostiles in the leg to stop them. c'mon these people only had screwdrivers, plastic chairs and shit.

    we go on and on about how the IDF is the shiznit, but what happenned today is straight up dumb, and amateur.

    an israeli.

  2. p.s. the ships carried stuff that's on the blacklist, not food and supplies. we're talking about materials like cement.

    and there are 6 commandos injured.. one apparently has stab wounds.
    still.. doesn't make spraying caps at freedom fighters-turned-bloodthirsty plumbers look any better.

    an israeli.

  3. Concrete is on the blacklist? If "forbidding reconstruction of Gaza" is so high on Israel's priorities, doesn't that say something in itself, let alone the lengths they will go to enforce it?

  4. Bleeds ignorance

    fuck the middle east

    *kanye shrugs*

  5. you can hide all sorts of things inside carriers.. and that won't be an act for the reconstruction of ghaza. but an act of arming ghaza with more ak's, mines, grenades, chemicals, etc.

    as a free country, israel must protect it's citizens at all costs. weapons are smuggled into ghaza through the egyptian border, now they wanna do it using the mediterranean? we just can't allow that.
    not when there's a war in the making (iran+help from ghaza and hizbolah).

    ghaza could reconstruct without them, if hamas would divert it's funding to aiding the people, and not it's armed hooligans.

    an israeli.

  6. 19 people confirmed dead.

  7. Is it necessary to recall that this attack took place in international waters ?

  8. There Was no weapons 'Anonymous' . It was a aid ship designed to bring aid to the peopel of Gaza who have been blockaded for 3 years for democratically electing a government of their own choosing . Quite the bullshit- you cannot justify sucha heinous crime !

  9. War in the making? Israel seem to make all the war.

    Ivan: Stuff like this is why other people call you a self hating Jew right? Are there any people who share your view on things? Is there hope for us that this kind of view might spread so that these kind of incidents aren't just blindly defended or ignored?

    I'm gonna wait for more facts to emerge but this incident has gotten me quite angry. It just acts as provacation for enemies who don't need further provocation. It's like Israel wants to be hated and targeted.

    I just hope Obama and Cameron actually say something on this.

    And Moose: You don't have to care about this. It doesn't touch on everyone's nerves. But don't revel in ignorance, although I know you were just joking.

  10. an aid ship huh? peaceful unarmed and innocent activists huh?
    (translation: 0:12 first soldier hit and thrown to a lower deck; 0:18 assault with a metal pole; 0:30 bunch of hooligans attack a soldier and try to capture him; 0:33 flashbang thrown at the soldiers; 0:43 molotov thrown at the soldiers)

    says who? their spokesperson?

    9 confirmed killed btw.

    lemme break it down for you slow and biased people..
    1. army tells the ship to change course.
    2. a "white flag" is raised from the ship and yet it continues on it's route, against the direct order.
    3. we drop soldiers, one by one, using ropes from choppers. these soldiers werent expecting it to get out of hand. we sent them down with empty hands.. with only PAINTBALL rifles on their backs, and pistols for worst case scenarios.
    4. the protest becomes aggressive, as the soldiers land, one by one, they are surrounded by groups of these so-called peaceful activists, getting their asses kicked, by hostiles armed with metal bars, chairs, knives, etc.
    5. the soldiers are in serious threat for their lives, they pull out their PAINTBALL stuff, it won't do.
    6. they pull out their "just in case" pistols, starting to aim at hostiles' legs to halt their assault.

    now put yourself in that shit.
    surrounded by blood thirsty mofos.. you're in your late teens, early twenties. intel did a lousy job.. so was the planning of the operation. and you're not trained for this kind of situation (commandos aren't supposed to deal with riots).
    it's kill or be killed, and these extremists would even run into the line of fire just to get in the news.

    an israeli.

  11. What planet are you living on ?

    Israel attacked a Aid convoy which was bringing aid to the Gza strip- you know the place where Israel has beeen blockading for 3 years- you know the place which was destroyed last year and israel still refuses to let in adequate aid or cement to rebuild the destroyed buildings .

    It is a violation of international law, you cannot mask this event by protraying Israel as the victim- Israel is a perpatrator of state terrorism , once again.

    Cant you see you are on the wrong side when there are millions across the world in New York, London, Turkey , London, Belfast and Dublin protesting against this horribly regime?

    Or do you still live in the clouds by pretending that the Zionists are the victims ?

  12. A rifle looks like a rifle in the dark. Paintball or bullet, you ain't gonna wait to find out what they're shooting with.

    If a guy repelled onto my house at night then I'm reaching for my bat. I will defend myself.

  13. Israel is sounding like Charles Hamilton lately.

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