Friday, May 28, 2010

Fiona Apple & Native Tongues: Birds of a Feather?

"Well, you ain't Fiona Apple. And if you ain't Fiona Apple, I don't give a rat's ass."

There's no point in calling it a "guilty pleasure" since there's really nothing to feel guilty about: I've got just about every Fiona Apple track released and "unreleased" resting comfortably in my iPod. I'm a fan. I've been an admirer of Fiona Apple's music since '96, when she dropped her debut album Tidal at the young age of eighteen years old (an impressive feat, given the album's remarkable depth). Since then I've picked up copies of her successive albums When the Pawn... and 2005's Extraordinary Machine. I eagerly await a fourth LP knowing damn well that day may never come...

As I was listening to Black Sheep's new track (yeah, I just typed!) featuring Q-Tip titled "Birds of a Feather", I quickly picked up on the lifted beat and noticed hints of Fiona's raspy voice strewn across here and there. Turns out the track samples "The Way Things Are" off her second LP. Keep impressing me, beat makers! I could get used to this trend.

SAMPLE: Fiona Apple - "The Way Things Are"
EXAMPLE: Black Sheep - "Birds of a Feather feat. Q-Tip, Dave & Mike Gee"


  1. I think Inspectah Deck once said he'd secretly like to collaborate with Fiona Apple.

  2. I'm lovin' these embedded player doodads btw, for some reason keeping everything inside the same tab keeps the sliver of OCD in me a lot happier.

  3. @Anon: Cool! I did NOT know that.

    @Legit: I know EXACTLY how you feel, that's why I installed Apture on the blog. Great feature! Glad to hear you're liking it too!

  4. Sweet link at the end... hahaha

  5. Consign on the embedded links.

    Now instead of having 50 tabs open in Firefox I only have 25:-)

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