Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thoughts on the Cleveland Cavaliers' Epic Fail

Like I said on Twitter, the Celtics and Lakers are like Aliens and Predators. And the Cavs are the humans getting in the way between the two. A message to Bron Bron: Move, bitch, get out the way. I know David Stern probably wanted this Kobe/LeBron matchup to manifest into something real -- and I'm also sure that David Stern is probably writing his suicide note at the moment -- but if you ask me it's all about seeing the green machine go toe to toe with purple and gold. Fuck LeBron. Add that to the fact that I don't think Laker fans have the heart in 'em to see Shaq take punishment from his former team in a finals matchup. It just wouldn't be right. A rematch against the Celtics (or Magic) though? Perfect.

To be sure, LeBron James is a talented basketball player. But I know Kobe Bryant. And you, LeBron James, are no Kobe Bryant. Kobe's an assassin. After watching Bron Bron in these past two games, I'm convinced that he's a masochist, or at the bare minimum an underachiever. Where's the heart? Where's the passion for the game? At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Knicks fans like Spike Lee were saying "You know what? You can keep him."

LeBron actually played better tonight. In fact he almost earned a quadruple double -- if only he'd had just ONE more turnover! I'm sounding like a hater now, aren't I? Well Cavs fans should feel what I feel. They got let down. And did you notice how quickly LeBron took off his jersey at the end of the game while he was walking down the tunnel? If that ain't a nod to potential offseason moves then I don't know what is. MVP - Most Valuable Princess. Like that, Bron Bron? © Pusha T

Long live the king! King Kobe that is... Back 2 Back, bitches...