Monday, May 10, 2010

So Wassup?!

There are a select few rap blogs I read religiously. Unkut is one of them – Robbie holds it down and keeps it one hunnid. But you already know that. Making the rounds on Google Reader, I was humored when I read the site’s latest post, Five Reasons Why Rap Can’t Mourn The Dearly Departed, written by guest contributor Phillip Mlynar. Take a quick look at this portion of his piece:
There are people who genuinely seem to believe that posting up links to YouTube videos somehow correlates with ‘celebrating’ a rapper’s legacy. It doesn’t. And it’s pretty insulting on sonic quality grounds alone. There are people who think it’s respectful to post up back catalogues and archives of ‘rare’ releases that at times seem to break into nothing more than a list of CD singles (you really need the clean version of “Nice Girl, Wrong Place”?)
Phillip either has me confused with another blogger/bootlegger who posted clean versions of Gang Starr tracks (who else?) or just refuses to say my name, word to Destiny’s Child. That’s fine. Personally, I don’t mind calling people out. But you already know that. So Wassup?!