Friday, May 28, 2010

The Eastern Conference Finals in the Eyes of a Lakers Fan

Call it a wrap! Wario's Stan Van Gundy's Orlando Magic are outta the playoffs and off to decide what to do with Vince Carter, Jameer Nelson and Rashard Lewis. (Psst... Trade 'em!) Two years ago, the Lakers defeated the Spurs as they awaited the results of Boston's series with the Pistons. This year, the roles are reversed as the Celtics can sit back and let the rust kick in while the Lakers finish up their bout with the Suns. The Boston Celtics are once again the Eastern Conference champs and all I can say is "bring it on!" Throughout the Playoffs, I've been rooting for the Celtics with the hopes that these two great teams could once again take part in their storied rivalry - possibly the greatest in sports history. The dominoes are all but lined up. A rematch with the Bean Town team gives us Lakers fans the opportunity to exact some much-needed revenge on the dreaded Cs. It's wild to think that had the Lakers won that year instead of the Celtics, it'd be the Lakers - not the Celtics - who'd be the league leaders in championships earned. We haven't forgotten.

As the Celtics gave the Magic their lethal injection tonight, I was surprised to hear the attendants of the TD Garden belching out the infamous "Beat LA" chant. It's rewarding, in an odd kind of way, to know that these fans are as eager as we are to bump heads once again, despite the fact that the Orlando Magic were still on their court. But it also reminded me how much of a force the Lakers - and Lakers fans - truly are. What other team in the league instills so much hatred in its opponents? At one point or another, every arena that houses an NBA team has also housed a "Beat LA" choir. It's as if every team's "Beat LA"-chanting fan base suffers from MRS - Madd Rapper Syndrome. We on the other hand don't share that idiosyncrasy, but that's not to say that we don't have our own. Lakers fans are easy to criticize. We've been called spoiled; we've been prone to leave Staples when times got tough - some might call this giving up on the team; we've been accused of loving our team more than the game itself; damn, we've even thrown foam fingers on the court as a sign of frustrated protest. And sure, a few years back we've called the Kings "the Queens", but there's no universal "Beat Sacramento" or "Beat Boston" chant, is there? And why would there be? Are they worthy of one? Of course not! See, we know we're the best. And we've got the accomplishments to prove it:
32 Division Titles (four more than the Celtics)
30 Conference Titles (nine more than the Celtics)
16 Championships (one less than the Celtics) - if you count the NBL, which I do :)
This is the year we even the score. Pleezbaleevit!