Thursday, January 14, 2010

Massachusetts 4 Coakley

If you're a Massachusetts progressive, please do what you've got to do this coming Tuesday: make sure that the late Ted Kennedy's senate seat isn't filled and replaced by a Republican. The fate of this senate seat will directly affect the Obama administration's legislative ambitions. Coakley 4 Senate is a vote to uphold Massachusetts as a progressive stronghold.


  1. "Obama administration's legislative ambitions"

    Now that's a rich fucking joke if I ever read one.

    If the senate and congress were entirely comprised of Obama's family he still wouldn't get shit done.

    Yeah I'm down on the man. I need to see at least some of the things he promised and some of things that we as people hoped for in his presidency. Not saying he's the golden child but I still think he can do it. He just has to.

  2. The Democrats need a 60 vote majority in order to block a filibuster. What's so funny about that?

    If you think he hasn't done anything thus far (he has, you just haven't noticed), imagine how little he'll do when he loses his filibuster-proof majority.

  3. The proof is in the cooking, and I don't smell anything from Washington except fat sizzling in butter.

    The fact of the matter is that this country is over-burdended with politics. There are too many branches of this and that that control nothing because there are too many big fat white folks still controlling it all guaranteeing that nothing gets done.

    Simple put: too much fat and it needs to get trimmed drastically.

    Eliminate all the BS that goes into basic, common sense issues and there's a better chance for real change.

    I dunno, Ivan. I hear you on what it takes politically, I understand the logic because that's the way it has been since day one. But there are a lot of things, issues that need to change that supercede any form of politics. Again, it involves common sense.

    Stuff like big insurance companies that rape and pillage, big banks that do the same, big Wall Street, big car companies, big this, big that..

    You can't accomplish anything of any real positive change as long as there are big things in your way. And unfortunately Obama doesn't have the 'political' clout to change things on his own without taking through the same tired legislative means.

  4. Hahahaha Ted Kennedy fed up by changing the law about filling the senate seat. If he would of just left it be, the seat probably would of gone to a Democrat LOL.

  5. SMALL GOVERNMENT FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 1. > If the senate and congress were entirely comprised of Obama's family he still wouldn't get shit done.

    Don't underestimate the incalitrance of moderate and so-called 'Blue Dog' Democrats to undermine the President's agenda.

    2. And be under no illusion that the GOP are any better at instituting small government. Eight years under Bush ran up the federal deficit to record levels and saw a huge expansion of the federal government.

    3. All that being said, Coakley has just run a shockingly bad campaign. This is nobody's fault but the Democrats'.