Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm with Coco #teamconan

What’s bigger? Leno’s chin or the combined ego of him and Jeff Zucker? I dunno…

My thoughts on NBC’s late night schedule skirmish are predictable if you know me well enough. As my wife so eloquently put it a while back, I’d love to “roll up on NBC and smack the shit out Jeff Zucker.” For the record, I’m a Cone Bone fanatic. Late Night with Conan O’Brien influenced me greatly back in high school and onwards, contributing to my insomnia (really!) and my habit of ditching first period classes in the mornings (good times, good times). I was just finishing high school back when it was announced that Conan would take over the Tonight Show. Flash forward to 2009 when Conan’s last show in New York – coinciding with me finishing up college – was finally upon us! I was pissed to see him part with some of the staff, namely the always-hysterical Joel Godard. Families were upheaved to make this move; children were pulled out of schools. And therein lies yet another crux of NBC’s monumental FAILage and insensitivity. I can’t say I expected more from a big corporation, though…

When it was reported that Jimmy Fallon would get his own show with The Roots as his backing band, I saw this as a change in the right direction. “Finally”, I thought, “NBC is getting with the times and chasing a new demographic.” Or not. Upon moving to Los Angeles and trying to accommodate Leno’s “mature audience”, Conan’s show has admittedly been watered down. No more Masturbating Bear! S&M Lincoln? G’bye! This should have been a tell-tale sign from the beginning that at the end of day, NBC's brainless brass reigns supreme. As I write this short little post, rumors are buzzing that Jay Leno will be taking back the Tonight Show and squeezing Conan out of the late night rotation altogether. Ain’t that a b? Long live Consey Wonsey! Join the cause...

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  1. To me....this fuckery is stupid

  2. I thought I was the only one who liked S&M Lincoln. I was in tears the first time I saw that!

    I've got so many memories from Late Night. I hope Conan and his crew get a better deal somewhere else.

    Fuck a Leno & Fuck a NBC (except on Thursdays lol)

  3. BTW where did you get that ass stamp? I've been looking for a good one for ages

  4. @Decap: Indeed, fuckery of the grandest kind.

    @Anon: Who doesn't like S&M Lincoln? LOL... I made the stamp myself after ALSO looking online but coming up short. It doesn't look like the one they use on the show 100%, but for my purposes it was close enough. I uploaded it for you as a .png file (transparent background) enjoy:

  5. I think NBC took the entirely wrong approach, meaning they went in the wrong direction, meaning THEY SHOULD PUT LENO ON EARLIER.

    Put Mr. Big Chin on at like 9pm or maybe even 8pm. People would eat him up at those earlier times. Sure it would bump other NBC prime time shows but since they want that fucka so bad put him on 2 or 3 hours earlier.

    I don't get the whole late night battle. It's not as fertile a viewing ground as it used to be because frankly we've seen it all already.

    Now bring back the masturbating bear goddammit!

  6. ^ Worst. Idea. Ever.

    Put Leno at 8!?!? Are you high, son?

  7. Thanks for the stamp! I'm gonna have so much fun with it lol

  8. I'm just saying it's time to think out of the box on this and not relegate these people to late night.

    Why not have Leno on at 8? What is so ludicrous about that? At least it might give people something to watch besides wack-ass comedies that aren't funny or the same old dramatic garbage that's like 10 seasons deep.

    Oh and I wish I was high! No wait no I don't. No wait I do! Nope, no nevermind. Wait do I get another chance=?

  9. We dont have this problem. Our only real quality talk show is Jonathan Ross, once a week. He got Alicia on next week.

    Sadly he's been forced out over some BS. Send us over one of yours seeing as you have plenty of hosts that are no longer needed.

  10. Jonathan Ross of the BBC right? I used to watch him when I was over there a few years ago. I like him better than Graham Norton that's for sure.

    And you can have Leno and his entire car collection!

  11. If Team Conan actually tuned in to watch The Tonight Show, this shit wouldnt be happening. No need to bash Leno. Conan is getting paid. You'll see his show on another network.

  12. I'm a car nut so Leno is cool for that. Seen some of his web videos and they're ok.

    One show I used to watch sometimes was Letterman. He's quite funny.