Sunday, November 29, 2009

Souls of Mischief - Montezuma's Revenge | First Peek

It's been a minute since I dropped a First Peek post, but I think they're great to keep your heads up for upcoming releases to look forward to. I'll try and post them more often, particularly since they'll work in union with my weekly In Stores Today drops. Hip Hop Is Read is great for music compilations, but I also want to work on turning this into a more opinionated blog. Moving on...

The Oakland-based rap collective Souls of Mischief is releasing Montezuma's Revenge, their highly-anticipated follow-up to 2000's Trilogy: Conflict, Climax, Resolution. If you've been listening to The Tape Deck, you've probably heard a few cuts from the album. Check below for Montezuma's Revenge's tracklisting, production credits (Prince Paul!), (more) preview tracks and a pre-order link. The album drops this Tuesday, December 1st. I haven't given it a full listen, but I will by Tuesday and offer my two cents.

Tracklisting + Production Credits + Preview Tracks + Album Snippets
1. Intro (Produced By: Prince Paul)
2. Won! (Produced By: Prince Paul)
3. Postal (Produced By: Opio)
4. Tour Stories (Produced By: Domino)
5. Skit (Produced By: Prince Paul)
6. Proper Aim (Produced By: Prince Paul)
7. You Got It (Produced By: A Plus)
8. Hiero HQ (Produced By: Domino)
9. Poets Skit (Produced By: Prince Paul)
10. Poets (Produced By: Prince Paul)
11. Mr. Freeman Skit (Produced By: Opio; Prince Paul)
12. Fourmation (Produced By: Prince Paul)
13. Dead Man Walkin' (Produced By: Domino)
14. For Real Y'All (Produced By: Opio)
15. Lickity Split (Produced By: Prince Paul)
16. Home Game (Produced By: Prince Paul)
17. Outro (Produced By: Prince Paul)
18. Lalala (Produced By: Prince Paul)