Friday, November 6, 2009

Daily Operation: November 6, 2009

Mrs. Doc

The Rounds:

Eugene Robinsion (smart guy, great WashPo op-ed writer): Despite understandable frustrations, President Obama's record of accomplishments speaks for itself. [Commercial Appeal]

Dart Adams: The Blogger Civil War Rages On... [Poisonous Paragraphs]

Throwback Download: DJ Kid Capri’s 10/9/89 Mixtape [The Rap Up]

Google Music and the New Payola [Music Power Network] (I might elaborate/give my own spin on this topic later)

Happy birthday to the hottest girls born in November [Complex]

Malcolm Gladwell vs. New Media [Business Insider]

Recently Leaked (Google Is Your Friend):

Bekay - Hunger Pains

Classified - Self Explanatory

Daz Dillinger - Public Enemiez

Hell Rell - Live from Hell

Leona Lewis - Echo

Mic Boyd - Lost In the Woods

Rita J - Artist Workshop