Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sample Set #137: Sex Packets

In preparation for the inevitable thrashing my hometown Lakers will unleash on the Orlando Magic tomorrow, I thought it'd be apt to drop some west coast flavor, à la HHIR sample set. Just by looking at this set's tracklisting, you'd immediately know that Sex Packets was released by left coast hip hoppers in the early '90's. Samples by Bootsy Collins, The P-Funk All Stars, Parliament, George Clinton (all musically related) should halt your guessing. And if you must know, a certain track from this album, "Packet Man", was one of the first hip hop songs I've ever heard and obsessed over. I was about eight or nine. Quite appropriate right? Ha... This is also the album which featured the hit single "The Humpty Dance". A young Tupac Shakur got paid to dance to this song with Shock and the boys. Really. Pause? Maybe. Sorry 'Pac! Download this set. And press play. And... turn it up!!