Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sample & Example: Janko Nilovic & Jay-Z

It's something of a Hip Hop Is Read tradition to blow the horn and announce the samples from new Jay-Z joints. Our track record is thorough. I still can't stop laughing at all the folks who are adamant that "Death Of Autotune" samples Steam's "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye". We got the drop on the real sample for "D.O.A.", and we've got a high-quality (256kbps) download link of the full track to back it up! You know our steez, now peep game:

Janko Nilovic - "In the Space"
Album: Psyc' Impressions
Year: 1970
More Info Here

Jay-Z - "Death Of Autotune (D.O.A.)"
Album: The Blueprint³
Year: 2009 (Pleezbaleevit!)
More Info Here



  1. Already!?!??!? WTF, man. How did u pull this off??!?

  2. That sample is crazy! Nice to know

  3. @jbeezy: that's (not) what she said

  4. yea, Ivan.. how in the HELL did you find this sample.. so damn fast?!!? that's freaken crazy..

    "Within hours, rap blog Hip Hop Is Read correctly identified a Janko Nilovic song by the name of "In the Space" as the sample for "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)"."

    THAT MADE ME LAUGH- only because you were sited by wikipedia. Now someone could have possibly came onto your page and sited you.. since anyone can edit any of the info on there!

    your blog is getting waaay more popular across the internet, now you got hits by WIKIPEDIA?! LOL. Freakin' crazy! That's a great find!

  5., that's crazy!

    Great find!

  6. Nice Find... Real Quick too. ANyway I posted this on my blog and refereed them to you guys. Anyway keep use posted on them new samples! Thanks!


  7. *Applauds*

    You are a fuckin' master, I.

    Check ya e-mail today, gotchu homie.

  8. Wow. This jawn is HARD (pause). There's actually a lot more in this that NO I.D. could have used.

    This is why I laugh hardily when niggas sleep on the 70's era rock & psychedelic rock and call shit like this wack. This jawn is awesome, the drums are crisp and the guitar riff is so on point. I want this whole album now.

  9. What? Ivan.. you didnt know?! I thought YOU were the one that posted that link under the "MORE INFO HERE" under the Jay-Z example.. cause that's the link that took me to WIKIPEDIA.

    if YOU didnt post that, then who did?

  10. I mean, I posted a Wikipedia link in this post to give info about the album (just like I did with the Nilovic album), but I didn't add that sentence to Wikipedia. Pretty frickin' cool, huh?

  11. the sample is the hottest of the year..i mean the lyrics are ok but that beat carries the whole song

  12. Ivan you are pretty cool dude. Thanks for this. I used to do the same thing you are doing with the sample sets for the last 3 years but I just ran out of time to do it, so you save me the trouble. Thank you sir.

  13. I appreciate the kind words :D

  14. when Puffy sampled entire tracks in 97, "underground" hiphop fans were pissed.

    where are they now?

    oh yeah and fuck jay z.

  15. No disrespect, but I don't think you can take the credit for identifying a sample unless you're familiar with the original record and you recognize it off the top. I actually collect 'library records' and I know that not too many people are familiar with this album.

    You may well have been the first to post it on a blog or website, but are you saying that you actually recognized that Nilovic song on your own? If you did, you're the man. If not, Wackapedia isn't rightfully crediting you with the ID.

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  17. Who else has sampled this song (Rap)? Please send answers to


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