Monday, April 13, 2009

Straight Checkn 'Em [The Samples]

Like the ultimate procrastinator that I am, I’ve pushed this sample set off for over a month. Back in early March, HHIReader Derwin hit me up with an offering of samples from Compton’s Most Wanted’s sophomore release, Straight Checkn 'Em. Featuring some staple west coast tracks like “Def Wish” and “Growin’ Up In tha Hood”, let the heads know that Compton was most definitely in the house. As such for any west coast hip hop record from this era, the samples on this set are jam-packed with the likes of Isaac Hayes, Funkadelic, James Brown, and other funky favorites. As a gift to you, I’ve included the extended version of Isaac Hayes’ “Do Your Thing”, spanning a grand total of over nineteen minutes long! All in all, this set covers over three hours of funky, smooth musical ground. Like I always say around this time: turn it up! But I’ve gotta add just one more thing: west up! …and enjoy!