Monday, April 13, 2009

Dub MD & Cyrano Present: Madicinal Libationz

The moment I saw the album cover to this new release, I knew I was in for a delightful musical journey. The artwork was clearly inspired by Miles Davis' Bitches Brew album - one of the most influential records in jazz-fusion's development. It's no coincidence that this album is a dedication to a certain hip hopper who has been known for brewing up some infamous fusions of his own. I speak of course about a certain you-know-who producer from a certain you-know-what record label. Can I be any clearer? (Peep the first three letters from the following two words: Madicinal Libationz)

Listen and marvel as Dub MD and Cyrano aka Cy Yung run lyrical laps around these jazzy cuts. Hip hop at its finest. And it's free! What more do you want? Enjoy... and turn it up!

Tracklisting + (Rapidshare) Download Link Below:
01.) Pacification
02.) Mongrels
03.) Da Boom
04.) Delusions Of Slander (feat. Naturel)
05.) SONAR
06.) Forcefeel (feat. SiLent Knight)
07.) Madagascar
08.) How You Feel (feat. Access Immortal)
09.) Montego Bay (feat. Ill Poetic)
10.) O.K. Corral
11.) P.A.T.O.I.S. (feat. Wordsmith & Junclassic)
12.) Red Bird
13.) Vowel Movements
14.) Wrapsure
15.) Goin' Back To El Segundo (feat. Dominique Larue)
16.) A Hard Drive
17.) Aftershox (feat. Zero Star)
18.) Bing Chaireez (feat. Junclassic)
19.) Bolsheviks
20.) C.Y.I.D.I.T.C.