Thursday, April 9, 2009's "S.W.A.G." Is Up!

Let's Get Free will forever remain a staple in my CD collection. And as far as 2Pac's Outlawz ensemble is was concerned, Noble was always my top pick amongst the bunch. But that doesn't mean I've got unconditional love for these guys. To see them dickriding the wave of all things "swagger" is just sad.

I respected dpz for their unabashed embrace of revolutionary, socialist philosophy and the depth and struggle(s) of class-conflict. But now I suppose stic's just another one of those swag-rappers. It all seems like such a gimmick. It reminds me of all those times I've seen Che Guevara t-shirts sold on Venice Beach or in Downtown. They were probably made in some factory or sweatshop in some third-world country. What a farce. The man is rolling in his grave. Or that one time I walked into Urban Outfitters and found a CCCP t-shirt. Price tag? Forty-five bucks. For shame.

I'm getting real tired of this shit...