Thursday, April 9, 2009

Battling Hitchens On Faith & Politics? Good Luck!

That's a clip from the April 8th episode of Hardball With Chris Matthews. While I don't agree with all of Hitchens' politics (he supported Rudy Giuliani's bid for prez, for cryin' out loud), I consider him a brilliant thinker nonetheless. Watch and marvel at his ability to absolutely demolish Ken Blackwell's argument that the United States is a "Christian nation", repeating the same ol' "based on Judeo-Christian values" schtick we've heard for all too long - an argument/phrase which, I believe, was conjured up by right-wing Christians to split the Jewish community into being either A. right-wing and orthodox, or B. left-wing and atheistic or agnostic. No middle of the road anymore. I digress.

I respect the fact that Hitchens, a recently christened (I use the term sarcastically) citizen of the Unites States, would know more about American history than a life-long citizen who is both a former mayor and secretary of state. The ineptitude of the right-wing knows no bounds.