Monday, March 23, 2009

NYOIL Interviews Al Sharpton

Back in August of '08, I criticized a line in The Game's "My Life" in which he spit: "Fuck Jesse Jackson, 'cause it ain't about race now." Game is one of my favorite new school emcees, but I had to call bullshit on this asinine line (hey that rhymes!). I got some hate in the comments section from a particular individual who exhibited the sings of being either A.) a Game stan or B.) a raving lunatic (or both). But I still think I got my point across, not just the tried notion of "respecting our elders", but, more specifically, being cognizant, and grateful, to a man who brought more good for the progressive and African American communities than most rappers combined. And even after hating on Jackson, many rappers like David Banner and Lil Wayne bashed on Al Sharpton. Why? I'll never understand...

The video above is one of the realest interviews I've seen in a minute. It starts out with the fundamentals, discussing the difficulties that plague the generational gap, and finishes off real deep... NYOIL is better than most emcees. And so is Rev. Sharpton.


  1. al sharpton is a lot like rush Limbaugh.

    nyoil is a hard line/WISE/extremist(problematic/impulsive/very strong)

    ivan...sigh, i think your stupid sometimes. and this time is one of them. i remember reading the annons that disagreed with you, the ones you deleted and the ones you responded to. i thought you were stupid then and it's been made clear that you are for STILL being on the same immature/band wagon riding disposition.

    sharpton is NOT even in the same league as ny oil. this is like coupling fifty cent and the roots together. they might have intelligent conversations and do good things, but when separated the noise they both make paint completely different pictures.

    i am a part of this and as some choose to support some facets, some also choose to oppose things they dont believe in.

    i don't believe nyoil supports sharpton, i think he's smarter than that, i think he's so smart that he uses his shine to shed a youthful generation on sharpton, to feed the good fire and plant seeds to fill the tattered shoes that men like sharpton house.

    the same reason people hate on sharpton is the same reason people hate on limbaugh. it's simple, for the in the KNOW people, neither of those bobble heads speak for them and it's offensive and scary that both of them hold so much clout...

    sadly, as i used to respect you ivan. i've just recently gave up and decided it was wasted energy, i could be wrong but in general beyond just a laugh, i could care less what you have to say about anything pivotal.

    -i wish you well though

  2. I love it when people say "your stupid".

    Stop! The irony! It kills!!!

  3. But to keep it real for a second, I understand where you're coming from in the sense that Limbaugh and Sharpton are flag-bearers. That's true.

    However, Limbaugh has done NOTHING in the advancement of... anything... certainly not anything positive.

    Sharpton, though often criticized for playing the race card or being overly-politically correct, is working for people's best interests in regards to overcoming injustice and inequality.

    Limbaugh cares about nothing more but his enterprise and corporate crowd.

    It's ignorant for a Lil Wayne or a David Banner to say "fuck ___ ___" and be accepted as the prophets or leaders of their generation without putting any work in.

    And that was Rev. Sharpton's point.

    I'm not dickriding Sharpton or saying that he is superior to anything that this generation (my generation) has got to offer. But I'd rather be (re-)building bridges, as opposed to burning them down.

  4. Well said, I really enjoyed this video.

  5. Ivan, you just burned him.

  6. lol at your minions saying things like "ivan, you just burned him"

    it takes the same crack-pots to revere wayne and banner as prophets as it would to revere sharpton as anything more than misguided and bitter, as it would to revere ivans points of view when his points hold as little weight as feathers in this and other cases.

    if your about building bridges as some burn down, that's mute, staying in the same place.. one must address and destroy broken bridges and THEN begin building new ones.

    i'd be ashamed of having such stupid followers, and leaders. why not put more thought into what your doing and why your doing it and how it may come across and what effects that may have.

    quality posts not quantity.

    i think that if you care about the readers then you will refine the tactics and post quality/quantity.

  7. and it wasn't about 'game'at all, it was about the idea that things are bigger than race now. it's that simple. since there was probably context to what game said then taking it out of context would be a mistake and possibly just stupid.

    on the surface, it doesnt matter who says what, or sometimes even what has been said, it's what is meant and what the person does that make a real difference and matter.

  8. Hey, moron. It's "you're", not "your". Get a fucking grip...

    You stay PWNing yourself! And we all know you're the same cat who spewed all that BS in the original Game post...

    Lay off!

  9. duh, but for your point(and ivans) to be about "your" is pathetic. get a grip on actual points.

    he's right y'all do act stupid and make no real points beyond opinion or agreement.

  10. I think what Josh (funny shit) is saying is that if you're gonna call someone "stupid", the very sentence you use to make that insult shouldn't be... stupidly written.

    It's like saying "I'm so smart" but misspelling "smart".

  11. I don't really think i am a minion because i am not really a fan of Sharpton myself but i understand his point about chuck taylor, kind of. Still, if he gives an opinion about something, how does that make him stupid? plus calling someone stupid shows stupidity in one or another, in my opinion.

  12. lol... to think you have to explain that(ivan) is stupid.. so i'll follow suit-i think anons response-point is that if all you have to go on is a misspelling, then you're stupid, in my opinion.

    stupid is clearly a generalization.

    i think the points, as usual, are not even addressed and what can you expect from some one that always thinks they are right. i don't blame ivan but i don't support him.

    when an opinion is given on something without really understanding the dynamics of a situation or learning them, then one becomes stupid in my opinion.

    there so many problems to address with sharpton it's sad, in his own words, "i didn't even know about jen6, shawn bell..." what kind of leader doesn't even know whats going on.

    that guy is a old puppet representing things that have already been won a long time ago. you pit philosophies of people vs a kid(game) growing up on the west coast and what do you expect.

    of course they are going to have completely opposite understanding of race relations etc.

    the orginal point still remains, "fuck jesse jackson because it ain't about race now"

    if you really have a problem with that then interview game(shouldn't be hard) and ask what context that line has and to elaborate. you'd be surprised that understanding something completely changes everything. but yeah i think a lot of the youth are misunderstanding and cynical, not to mention they think they know it all. so i'm not surprised, the best some can come up with is spelling issues.

  13. We weren't going after you for your "spelling issues". Clearly if we did that, we would have mentioned the fact that you never capitalize any letters...

    We're sayin' how arrogant/ignorant and most importantly ironic it is for anyone to say "your stupid".

    Case closed.

    Lemme address something in your latest comment (because I still do enjoy -- somewhat -- our back-and-forth discussions)...

    You said: "that guy is a old puppet representing things that have already been won a long time ago."

    #1 What, in your opinion, has been "won" already? Jena 6... Sean Bell... Amadou Diallo... Votes disappearing in Florida... Shit still happens, man. And when they wanna make noise (i.e. create change), Sharpton is always the go-to-guy for issues concerning the African-American community. That's just the way it is. And until more prominent -- and effective -- leaders step up, it's gonna stay that way.

    Sharpton can be usurped, but he can't be impeached. You know what I mean?

    That's something that I took away from this sit-down w/NYOIL.

  14. i do know what you mean, side not, grammar queens and spelling queens are not impressive;)

    but to the crux now, i can't continue to entertain your need for more input, sorry.

    guns are to go to guy for settling war/disputes.. but that does not mean it's the right solution. etc..

    way more people are disgusted with sharpton antics and want NO association or representation form him than are supportive or wanting/needing representation.

    sharpton is a "race monger" that kinda approach used to fly, but it's grown old and digressed in it's maturity do to changing times.

    there is not way that sharpton is someone "we" need on our team. all we need is truth, logic and reason, something sharpton and a lot of other taking heads just don't care about let alone represent.

    glad you enjoy this as i have my moments of enjoyment too, but it gets way to petty and convoluted from the get go, i should understand that addressing such things is just as problematic as things i try to point out in the first place. i forget that being abrasive for most(not you anymore) is detrimental to having points hold up.

    shit still happens because not everyone uses logic over emotion. we're all still human, ofcourse there will be attrocities, but that doesnt mean we're living in the 1920's or even 1970's for that matter.

    the reason why things are still f'd up is possibly DUE to having people like jesse jackson and sharpton detrimentally represent people that a don't even agree with them and b live in a completely different world than them.

    check this out,

    bad things happens, race card injected(even if rightfully so) tensions get worse and moe problems occur,

    oldschool way of dealing with things^

    bad things happens, prosecution of wrong doers/accept that the system doesn't always work, grow from the problems and move on.

    new school way of dealing with it^..

    i know it can't be so minimalism but i also know that, "it aint about race no more" it's beyond that it's culture wars and classicism. the few morons that are still racist are just lost souls and shouldn't even be entertained with response. evolution dictates that those responsible for such things will eventually die out. IF that is the case then we are all closer to the death of racial ignorance then ever before.

    wow.. i give up though this is not the right platform, this shouldn't be so thoughtful. most people won't even read it let alone stifle thier knee jerk reactions to learn form it at all. not saying i'm right, i'm just saying the majority of us are on to something and it has nothing to do with race.

    case rested-

  15. one will never have ground to stand on when they choose the petty path of correcting someones grammar and or spelling etc when they understand what they meant. that's just childish beyond baby steps... take a giant leap and actually address what's important, not whats sill or ironic. we already know it's silly and ironic, that's not even in question, lol

  16. You bring up some good points, but I have to dissect your part about old-school/new-school ways of dealing with things.

    Let's take the Imus "controversy" as an example. In the end of it all, he got kicked off the show because of what he said. Right? That's the new-school way, right? Cause and effect.

    But in order for him to get kicked off the air, view the "new-school way", Sharpton had to get involved.

    It was only AFTER Sharpton got involved that Imus started feeling the heat. Why? Because Sharpton influenced people to boycott Imus. He told them to call the sponsors and advertisers on the show.

    Only THEN did the radio station say "Imus, ya gotta go..."

    Feel me? This is why I feel that each generation needs the other.

    In short, I guess the best analogy would be that together, it's like a one-two punch.

  17. ^ Check my newest comment.

    You're making a bigger deal a/b the grammar than Josh and I ever did... We're done with that...

  18. well i must say it's got interesting, but, yes but. but i think what don said personally was retarded and he woulda got sacked either way, it was an easy way for him to go to cable radio.

    i don't think sharpton does much but throw fuel on fires, it may eventually die out, but the fire gets bigger than it needs to be.

    i definately can't agree about the grammar thing because it was petty in the first place, but hey if it's good for a laugh at me then i can't hate on that, it's just petty, just like me saying things are "stupid.

    imus lit himself on fire with his words and would of burned regardless, but we'll never know what time would have told after the fact that sharpton tooted his horns

    and so with gained respect for you(not that you need it from me) i admit my pettiness and give the respect you deserve for thoughtfully responding in the ways you have.