Monday, March 23, 2009

NYOIL Interviews Al Sharpton

Back in August of '08, I criticized a line in The Game's "My Life" in which he spit: "Fuck Jesse Jackson, 'cause it ain't about race now." Game is one of my favorite new school emcees, but I had to call bullshit on this asinine line (hey that rhymes!). I got some hate in the comments section from a particular individual who exhibited the sings of being either A.) a Game stan or B.) a raving lunatic (or both). But I still think I got my point across, not just the tried notion of "respecting our elders", but, more specifically, being cognizant, and grateful, to a man who brought more good for the progressive and African American communities than most rappers combined. And even after hating on Jackson, many rappers like David Banner and Lil Wayne bashed on Al Sharpton. Why? I'll never understand...

The video above is one of the realest interviews I've seen in a minute. It starts out with the fundamentals, discussing the difficulties that plague the generational gap, and finishes off real deep... NYOIL is better than most emcees. And so is Rev. Sharpton.