Monday, March 23, 2009

Introducing... Dollar Van Demos

One of my favorite moments from Chappelle's Show was a particular musical performance with Mos Def, in which he kicked some new shit ("Close Edge") from his sophomore record The New Danger. But the Mighty Mos didn't spit from a stage, he was riding shotgun, slinging his raps while Dave was on the gas and brakes, rolling around the city. I'd never seen anything like that before, and haven't seen anything like it since... until now!

Cruising 'round town on the streets of Brooklyn are dollar vans, providing transportation in neighborhoods which are under-served by mass transit. Dollar Van Demos steps into the picture to provide some fun and entertainment with a slew of emcees and comedians getting down on the proverbial m.i.c.

The Dollar Van Demos motto is simple: "Get in the van. Do your thing. Get out of the van." Check out some of these preview clips:

WATCH: Crosby - "No Bodegas (Shut 'Em Down)"
WATCH: Isiah - "Get It Now!"

I'm interested to see where they'll be taking this in the future... And not just around the block!