Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Twitter Responds to Bobby Jindal's "Republican Response" to Barack Obama's SOTU

You are now about to witness the strength... of Twitter:
NotoriousBIG: fuck this governor asshole. why he talkin to us like we got down syndrome or some shit?

ricksanchezcnn: i don't know what to say after watching jindal? kind of stunned. did i miss something? rewriting history? wow, don't facts matter?

NinaBambina: How bout Jai NO, Jindal

joelmharvey: Bobby Jindal is the Bizarro Barack Obama.

dustingm: What the hell was that speech by Jindal?! It was like listening to a cross between John Birch and a comedy routine by Yakov Smirnov.

macsamurai: What speech was Jindal responding to? Giant FAIL.

godofguitars: Why does Bobby Jindal sound like Kenneth from 30 Rock?

tertiary: ...bobby jindal sounds just like Kenneth from 30 Rock.

japhy79: Bobby Jindal reads his speech like he's talking to a 5th grader, right?

tprolificjones: Hmm. Is Bobby Jindal a clone or an android?

FrostyMcTeague: Jindal pretty much sounded like a lobotomy.

weskimcom: sounds like jindal didn't do so well with his response. next time, republicans, don't pick players via color coordination alone.

TheGreatSoul: i feel like jindal is telling me a bedtime story... I wish he would address us as adults not children.

homerj79: Dear Gov Jindal. You are not reading a story to a group of Kindergartners. KTHXBAI.

kopper: So, did anyone get a snapshot of Jindal hittin' the bong before he went on camera?

coldwarning: Jindal speaks like an Elementary School teacher to a group of 2nd graders, so I guess yeah he is like Palin LOL

Phillyberg: the only "pre-existing condition" that Bobby Jindal has is that he's the worst public speaker since Gill the Salesman on the SImpsons

hinutech: Seems like Jindal should have read Obama's speach before crafting a response.

retroknit: #Jindal makes PALIN look like a master orator. highly amusing! Will be even funnier in 2012

EileenLeft: Jindal seriously pissed me off! Talking down to us like 1st graders, and $ from the fed. gov. ? by the Gov. of LA, REALLY?

niknaz: #nsotu overheard quote: what is jindal on republican sesame street? why is he talking like that??

freddymartinez9: bobby jindal needs to learn how to not talk down to people. If you don't know who he is, ignore this tweet

dkmintz: can't believe how blatantly Bobby Jindal is running for president

almondjoi: Jindal did a terrible job of anticipating the tone and content of POTUS. He sounded like he was responding to a totally different speech

Peter_R_Casey: Bobby Jindal sounded like he was presenting at the local elementary school's career day.

barkway: Faux News talking heads make excuses for Jindal's "elementary school voice" response to Obama's speech. Too funny!

larry_slo: GOP response by Gov Jindal: "Republicans have lost your trust and rightly so." Wow.

ryanchurchill: I never realized just how fucked the republican party was until Jindal's response

gatorjohn: I think Jindal just sunk his presidential ambitions

chris_maxwell: jindal is more interested in furthering his political future than helping the people who he represents

davidglover: Jindal sounds like an inauthentic Mr. Rogers

uvasig99: Andrew Sullivan with the line of the night about Bobby Jindal: "Close your eyes and think of Kenneth from 30 Rock": http://tinyurl.com/c29ade

Garrett66: Bobby Jindal your act is horrible. Stop campaigning for president in 2012, do you job representing your citizens. Be a governor and shut up.
And of course, to cap it all off:
Nogui: Booby Jindal can suck a d*ck


  1. He cannot be a leader

  2. No, he can not. He bombed last night. Badly.

    Could it affect his chances in '12? We'll see...

  3. Seriously though, have you ever watched any of the rebuttal speeches? They all sound this way. There is no way to properly follow the glory of three lines clap clap. Whether it's President Obama or George Bush. It doesn't matter. And it doesn't help that everyone seems worships Obama. I voted for him, yes, but at the same time, each side gets their time. I don't agree 100% with anyone. And if someone said "Obama can suck a d*ck" like someone said Jindal can, people would be in an outcry, there would be 5000 replies to this. I lived in Illinois for over a decade, Obama was campaigning for president when he sat down with a class at my small Christian liberal arts college years ago when he was first running for senate. He had big plans. Seriously, this is America. Anything is possible, everyone has a voice, but dammit, I don't know what I'm saying. I'll get off my soapbox. That just pisses me off to see that slander. "The checks are on their way."

  4. *"the checks are on the way" that guy was being ridiculous...even before i knew it was Kenneth. I saw him first on funnyordie, that guy is hilarious. People would be more upset if it it was obama. Is that a bad thing though? Jindal is a hater, and people want hope.

  5. http://tinyurl.com/bygwo8 that's what i think.