Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Twitter Responds to Bobby Jindal's "Republican Response" to Barack Obama's SOTU

You are now about to witness the strength... of Twitter:
NotoriousBIG: fuck this governor asshole. why he talkin to us like we got down syndrome or some shit?

ricksanchezcnn: i don't know what to say after watching jindal? kind of stunned. did i miss something? rewriting history? wow, don't facts matter?

NinaBambina: How bout Jai NO, Jindal

joelmharvey: Bobby Jindal is the Bizarro Barack Obama.

dustingm: What the hell was that speech by Jindal?! It was like listening to a cross between John Birch and a comedy routine by Yakov Smirnov.

macsamurai: What speech was Jindal responding to? Giant FAIL.

godofguitars: Why does Bobby Jindal sound like Kenneth from 30 Rock?

tertiary: ...bobby jindal sounds just like Kenneth from 30 Rock.

japhy79: Bobby Jindal reads his speech like he's talking to a 5th grader, right?

tprolificjones: Hmm. Is Bobby Jindal a clone or an android?

FrostyMcTeague: Jindal pretty much sounded like a lobotomy.

weskimcom: sounds like jindal didn't do so well with his response. next time, republicans, don't pick players via color coordination alone.

TheGreatSoul: i feel like jindal is telling me a bedtime story... I wish he would address us as adults not children.

homerj79: Dear Gov Jindal. You are not reading a story to a group of Kindergartners. KTHXBAI.

kopper: So, did anyone get a snapshot of Jindal hittin' the bong before he went on camera?

coldwarning: Jindal speaks like an Elementary School teacher to a group of 2nd graders, so I guess yeah he is like Palin LOL

Phillyberg: the only "pre-existing condition" that Bobby Jindal has is that he's the worst public speaker since Gill the Salesman on the SImpsons

hinutech: Seems like Jindal should have read Obama's speach before crafting a response.

retroknit: #Jindal makes PALIN look like a master orator. highly amusing! Will be even funnier in 2012

EileenLeft: Jindal seriously pissed me off! Talking down to us like 1st graders, and $ from the fed. gov. ? by the Gov. of LA, REALLY?

niknaz: #nsotu overheard quote: what is jindal on republican sesame street? why is he talking like that??

freddymartinez9: bobby jindal needs to learn how to not talk down to people. If you don't know who he is, ignore this tweet

dkmintz: can't believe how blatantly Bobby Jindal is running for president

almondjoi: Jindal did a terrible job of anticipating the tone and content of POTUS. He sounded like he was responding to a totally different speech

Peter_R_Casey: Bobby Jindal sounded like he was presenting at the local elementary school's career day.

barkway: Faux News talking heads make excuses for Jindal's "elementary school voice" response to Obama's speech. Too funny!

larry_slo: GOP response by Gov Jindal: "Republicans have lost your trust and rightly so." Wow.

ryanchurchill: I never realized just how fucked the republican party was until Jindal's response

gatorjohn: I think Jindal just sunk his presidential ambitions

chris_maxwell: jindal is more interested in furthering his political future than helping the people who he represents

davidglover: Jindal sounds like an inauthentic Mr. Rogers

uvasig99: Andrew Sullivan with the line of the night about Bobby Jindal: "Close your eyes and think of Kenneth from 30 Rock": http://tinyurl.com/c29ade

Garrett66: Bobby Jindal your act is horrible. Stop campaigning for president in 2012, do you job representing your citizens. Be a governor and shut up.
And of course, to cap it all off:
Nogui: Booby Jindal can suck a d*ck