Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Appoint Dr. Howard Dean to Lead the Department of Health and Human Services

Back in 2003/2004, before I could even vote, Howard Dean was my candidate for the presidency. After his loss, he did an excellent job as the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He was the mastermind behind the 50-state strategy which, according to most (if not all) political junkies, assured Barack Obama's victory this past November. Howard Dean is a straight-up, no-bullshit, tell-it-like-it-is kind of guy, and with Tom Daschle bowing out for the position, I strongly believe that Dr. Dean should lead the HHS.

As the Governor of Vermont, Howard Dean expanded health programs to cover children and seniors, and improved the overall health and living quality of his state (Vermont has one of the lowest uninsured rates and one of the highest rates of immunized children). Howard Dean is a progressive. Howard Dean, unlike Tom Daschle (or any of the viable candidates I've heard of thus far), is an ACTUAL DOCTOR.

Want more info? Check out Howard Dean's Wikipedia page to learn more about his experience and accomplishments.

If I haven't convinced you, maybe these people will:

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Convinced yet? Here's the petition:

Secretary of Health and Human Services

I signed it. I'm #811 on the list. Will you be #812 or #813 or....