Thursday, February 5, 2009

Daily Operation: February 5, 2009

Making the rounds, here are some of the best links I've come across throughout the day. This is a new feature I'm trying out, kinda like The Wørd/Word on the Streets. One of the reasons I've decided to switch from morning intros to nightly outros is because I live out in the west coast, so many of our readers would already be out the door by the time I manage to put out a full post (on the rare case that I do at all). New music (which may or may not be included in future volumes of The Tape Deck), fun news, crazy stories, cool pictures. All out. Here we go:

The Lakers swept the rug on the Boston Celtics at home, without their starting center (Andrew Bynum). The game itself could be described as anything but ephemeral. I felt like we were watching a Finals game. But we weren't. I can't wait 'til June when I can proudly quote Biggie by saying to all the Celt-boosters: "Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns..."

Now let's get into some music links:

Nat King Cole ft. Nas & Salaam Remi - The Game Of Love [NR]

Nat King Cole ft. The Roots - Walkin’ My Baby Back Home [NR]

Slug, Muja Messiah & Lil Buddy Mclain - Show Biz (Get It Right) [NR]

Mos Def - Boogie Man [NR]

Big Boi - Ringtone [TRU]

Cam’ron - I Hate My Job [2DB]

Eminem Ft Cashis & Bobby Creekwater - Crack A Bottle (Remix) [OS]

Making the rounds:

Glenn Beck is a retarded fuck (my title) [C&L]

Etta James hates Beyonce [TYT]

Journalism Students Uneasy About Job Prospects [NPR] FUCK!

M.I.A. to Perform at the Grammys?! On Her Due Date?! [PFORK]

Fair Use Battle: Shepard Fairey vs. AP [MEDIAASSASSIN via Aaron]

And some dessert, the lovely Dania Ramirez:

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*This was the first photo I could find... lol!