Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Tape Deck '09 Discussion: Volume #1

Starting from Fresh -- But I'm NOT Addicted to Fresh

Rather than naming this volume of the Tape Deck as the 38th in the series, we’re starting fresh for ’09 with volume numero uno. As a necessity I’ve started off this volume with some ’08 (w)rap-ups (Skillz comes through as always, and newcomer Bekay earns some stripes as the newb in the field), as well as Convinced’s ’09 kick off. For some odd reason, I was inspired to dedicate this volume to the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Any objections? I hear a resounding “nay”. Let’s proceed…

Okay, the real reason why this Tape Deck volume is dedicated to ODB is because A.) I came across a funny .wav file – which I’ve converted to MP3, don’t worry – of Dirty Dog saying, and I quote: “I always wanted to hump a judge… So, I dunno”, and B.) the release of Method Man & Redman’s Live in Paris DVD contains a nice tribute to Mr. McGirt. Aside from all that, no relation whatsoever.

One of the fun new tracks in this volume is the Asher Roth “College” remix featuring Jim Jones. I was thinking of doing a Weezer Sample & Example post back in the day, but, meh, I heard there was some controversy with Ash’s use of “Say It Ain’t So”, so I didn’t bother. (Quick word to the wise: I can tear up a drum-set playing “Say It Ain’t So” on Rock Band). We’ve got some more stoner-centric music from B-Real featuring the audaciously-chilled-out Damian Marley on “Fire” which sounds like the kinda music I’d hear on Fairfax down here in Little Ethiopia.

Though it’s the last thing I’d expect to hear in 2009, Grandmaster Flash is apparently putting out an album! The first two leaks feature the likes of Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Red Café and Lynn Carter. A few more tracks have also leaked since this Tape Deck was zipped up (about a week ago), so I’ll include them in either Volume #2 or #3.

Overall, Volume #1 is just a weird collection of tracks with the oddities of a Michael Jackson remix (by Beatnick & K-Salaam), a tripped-the-fuck-out Theo track produced by Coltrane cuz-o Flying Lotus, new music from Japanese Cartoon (which has sparked Round 2 in “FiascoGate”), Chamillionaire’s continued exploration into the life and times of a hip hop geek/hater, some James Brown and Curtis Mayfield cover tracks by My Morning Jacket (phat shouts to Mr. Jeff “Passion of the” Weiss), and a smooth new track from Inverse featuring… Maroon 5. Like I said, lots of weird shit. Oddly enough, I’m really diggin’ this new Uncle Murda track titled, quite appropriately I suppose, “Murdera”.

Within only a few hours time, I will be officially done with ALL, yes ALLLLL, of my college work. Then I’m a free man. So with that being said, I’m sorry for the weak level of updates lately. But like Common said on Chappelle’s Show back in the day: “Slow-motion’s better than no-motion!” Right? Right!

I can’t wait ‘til I’m done with school. I’ll see you guys soon on the other side… :D