Monday, January 12, 2009

2009: Mixtapes of the Week #2

Weeks #1 and #2 got bunched up this week,
but from now on 'til 2010, I'll (try to) drop these every Sunday.


Mixtape Messiah 6

Dyin' With the Mic
(Mixed by DJ Felix)

Kanye West
Sky High: A 'We Got the Remix' Special Edition
(Presented by DJ Benzi & Plain Pat)

Sha Stimuli
The Break Up
(Presented by DJ Victorious)

A. Pinks
Will Rap 4 Food
(Presented by DJ Dutchmaster)

Soul Amazing Part 2
(Presented by DJ Heat)

The Notorious B.I.G.
King of New York
(Mixed by DJ O.P.)

Sugar Tongue Slim
Demand More 1.2: Rappas Ternt Sangas Edition
(Presented by Tapemasters Inc.)

DJ dviousmindz
Beats I Would've Gave Common

DFW Beats
(Jah Born & DJ Big Texas)
The Remixes