Monday, January 26, 2009

Phonte's Movie in a Minute: 'Notorious'

The homie Phonte from Little Brother sat down to share with us his thoughts on some recent films such as Notorious, the Biggie biopic you've all been buzzing about. Phonte had some praises and critiques for the film, all of which I feel are completely spot on. Especially this little tidbit:
The only thing I could kinda pick a bone with was your man, Puffy. I thought they were a little too sympathetic in their portrayal of him. Like, they made this nigga look like he was fuckin' Yoda, like, meets Morpheus in a got-damned Versace suit and shit. Like, he was a little too all-knowing and wise and shit...
Phonte also wraps up some recent flicks such as Seven Pounds, Gran Torino, Slumdog Millionaire, Lakeview Terrace and The Wrestler.

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