Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Download: Sha Stimuli - The Break Up (Presented by DJ Victorious)

The #1 question you might be asking yourself right now is this: Why the fluck would he wanna break up with her? Yes, that is the million dollar question, Jimmy. Fans of The Tape Deck should be familiar with Sha's work by now. If you dig, go ahead 'n cop this new collection! Tracklisting + (Rapidshare) Download Link Below:
1. Everybody Else (feat. T-Pain) (4:00)
2. In Between (Produced By Wyldfyer) (3:37)
3. Up And Down 2 (Produced by Bah) (3:42)
4. Die For U (Produced by Sean C) (3:43)
5. Where Did It Go Wrong? (feat. Anthony Hamilton) (4:08)
6. Be Alright (Produced by J. Cardim) (3:35)
7. Much More (feat. Ya Hyness) (Produced by J. Cardim) (3:24)
8. I Can’t Leave Him Alone (feat. Jane´t) (Produced by EZ Elpee) (2:59)
9. My Baby!?! (The Plot Thickens) (4:17)
10. No! (feat. Ya Hyness) (Produced by Cookin´ Soul) (3:51)
11. Be With You (Produced by J. Cardim) (2:48)
12. Fall In Love (Produced by Big Zik) (2:33)
13. So Sorry (feat. DJ Victorious) (Produced by Jim Bond) (1:35)
14. Feel So Bad (Produced by DJ Victorious) (2:08)
15. LoveStoned (feat. Justin Timberlake) (3:00)
16. Our Love (Produced By V-ladian Productions) (2:43)