Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chuck D Blogs About Barack Obama and His Impact



November 26, 2008

I decided to write this piece real slow. There is a change going on within me. Has to be. It has everything to do with adjusting to perception which has its way in shaping reality as we know it. To those that say nothing's changed simply must got dark shades on them brains. There have been and will be eloquent answers and dialogue regarding what has happened two weeks ago with BARACK OBAMA being voted the President-elect of the United States Of America....

Everything as we know it from an upfront perception approach will change, while many things behind the scenes will remain the same. What will remain the same and what will change requires focus and updating from a steady mindset and attentiveness to what is happening. For one perception wise, PRESIDENT -ELECT BARACK OBAMA has raised the collective IQ of the USA, meaning the standard of intelligence to follow the flow of leadership while listening to the words, must also rise to comprehend them. To the rebels of doubt , I ask for knowledge , wisdom and overstanding at what has transpired here. Some of us know in time things can spiral, either in a direction of disaster or in a steady climb of positivity.

But everything at its basic core stands to be rewired. I for the first time in my life look at the flag a bit differently now. If I was to meet President OBAMA , I would proudly salute him and address him as 'sir'. Respect is due and I would'nt have a fraction of regret doing it. While many skeptics may scoff at this notion, I remind people that forward is the way although we should never forget the past. Never. However past is past. As we look for compensation, retribution, and reparation in somehow, someway , someday, I would also hope that many of us shave some dumb-assified , anti-lectual aspects we've adopted over the past decade and a half.

MR OBAMA shows a great deal of character many of us can aspire to ,without cost. It doesn't cost one to expand ones vocabulary, or to show some manners and class with language in public. The celebrity driven radiation of a radio, tv, movie nation made many of us including myself at times to forget some of the basic respects we've had as a community. Not a total knock on T-PAIN, LIL JON or FLAV. But these men are performers on stage, no need to emulate in the street..

I expect no miracles, from what I see It would be wise to tell all your close surroundings to tighten up and get that head right and try to stay away from the Prison Industrial Complex and the Military Industrial Complex because they're gonna be on the hunt to fill space. With all the problems and overpopulation that a country like INDIA has , they are based with a young very energized intellectual core. And they have Bollywood too. They seem to just know when playtime begins and ends a bit better than we do. All over the earth PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA has been an inspiration, we'd be a fool not to do the same.

My advice in 2009 get a passport if you a'int got one. Learn about and try to name 25 countries you may want to visit, or just know them by heart. My goals are to continute to boost intelligent yet entertaining music through my digital label and to really push the envelope on women empowerment in hip hop and rap. Thats my year mission out of four. Thats it for now as PUBLIC ENEMY heads for its 62nd tour into SERBIA, GREECE, ITALY UK, GERMANY and The NETHERLANDS then onto Tour 63 of AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND. Nuff said. Another T Dome in 2 weeks.