Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hip Hop Insomniacs Club with Tha Alkaholiks

Today was a day chocked full of daaams! The Rays fought hard to tie up the series with Philly. Barack Obama received endorsements from The New York Times, Scott McClellan and several members of the Goldwater family. John McCain's brother got into a bit of a curfuffle with the po-po on the telly. Will Ferrell returned to SNL as George W. Bush. Brad Blakeman said some stuff that almost made me vomit. But enough of all the politricks. Time to fall back and get down with the Liks:

Tha Alkaholiks - DAAAM! (featuring Xzibit)
[Lyrics Courtesy of the Original Hip Hop Lyrics Archive]

1 comment:

  1. i'm looking for the promo for this single

    back in the day i had a VHS reel that had promos for new lps/singles etc.

    the vid goes like this:
    the lix are sitting in a park on a bench chillin & all kinds of crazy shit is happening around them.

    2 girls are making out
    the lix: "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!"
    someone falls off a bike watching & bites it hard
    the lix: "DAAAAAAAAAMN!!"

    you get the gist

    i need that promo