Friday, October 24, 2008

1800® Essential Artist Tequila Bottles!

Art lovers and AA flunkies rejoice! 1800® Essential Artist Tequila bottles have found a way to combine cutting edge graphic design mixed with Mexico's finest liquor! Until now, Tequila bottles were lame. Now you can acquire your very own tricked-out Tequila bottle with any design you want!

Though I'm not much of a liquor connoisseur, I thought I'd give this thing a shot (no pun intended). At the top of the post, you'll see a bottle design I whipped up with my initials on it. You get the gist of it. You can choose from the gallery of 1800®'s Essential Artists or make your very own design! In fact, 1800® is searching for the next artist to come up with the latest bottle! You can win $10,000 and be featured in a national ad campaign! Check it out at 1800 Tequila!

To get a good idea of the kind of bottle designs we're talkin' about here, I've included some snapshots below:

Coming soon, 1800® will begin a new campaign for you to design your own sneakers! Stay posted... 'Til then, all the information you need is right here. Cheers!