Sunday, September 14, 2008

EPMD - Strictly Business [The Samples]

Released in 1988, Strictly Business was EPMD's debut album, a classic album. Just 10 tracks long (short?), Strictly Business was just that: straight to the point, effective. I'd call this album 'flawless'. Hands down one of the most perfect hip hop albums in existence. Erick & Parrish laid down some heat on the mic, and the production was top-notch as well. Released back when sample-usage was boundless, EPMD created a musical collage drawing from a wide spectrum of influences from several genres, many of them completely unexpected -- but never out of place! With 90+ minutes worth of sample material, this one's got everything from Clapton to Zapp, Steve Miller to Rick James -- and many, many more. Soak it all up and kick back to this classic sample set, 'cause you gots to chillll!

Havin' a little fun:

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