Saturday, July 12, 2008

Boogie Down Productions - By All Means Necessary [The Samples]

After the passing of his friend and musical partner Scott La Rock, Blastmasta KRS-One chose to direct his writings towards containing a socially conscious and positive message. Dealing with the ills of violence ('Stop the Violence'), corporate corruption ('Illegal Business'), sexually transmitted disease ('Jimmy') and social hypocrisies ('Necessary'), Kris became "The Teacher". Crafted by himself (basically), this album could be described as KRS-One's first "solo album" by some. But he always kept Scott alive in his music. This set is fun because it's got some really cool choice that will hit you right in the face when you begin to notice the sample creeping in. Toppin' that is the Fat Albert episode (which I've included in its entirety) which should both entertain you and keep your ears open for the sample (though I've given you the time on that one since it's so long). What can I say? Another fun set outta the home of hip hop: South Bronx (the South, South Bronx). Enjoy!