Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Best of... Buckwild & O.C.

Another exclusive HHIR compilation, put together by yours truly. Give Ivan some credit for the dope cover, as always.

One of my favourite rappers, O.C. + one of my top 10 favourite producers, Buckwild = pure dopeness. O.C. was always at his best flowing over Buck's smooth, layered beats. Buckwild has produced for everyone from Brand Nubian to 50 Cent, but he's produced the most for O.C. And given their chemistry, you can see why. So why not gather their best collaborations in one place? I've drawn mainly from O.C.'s first two albums, Word...Life & Jewelz, and the remaining tracks are singles, non-album cuts and unreleased tracks. Hope you like the compilation.

Tell me what you think of the collection in the comments, and let me know what tracks I should have included.
01. Time's Up
02. Word...Life
03. Point of Viewz
04. Hypocrite
05. Half Good, Half Sinner
06. What I Represent
07. O-Zone
08. Born 2 Live
09. Ma Dukes
10. The Chosen One
11. Far From Yours
12. Love Child
13. Burn Me Slow
14. Let It Slide
15. Outro (Sabotage)


  1. Without Buckwild, I doubt that O.C. would have had the impact he had with his first album. It's still a great album today and doesn't sound dated.


  2. Man.. i'm always thinking about ways to find more O.C. joints, and I stumble across this site... you gotta give Kev props for helping me find your site. You got a good thing here, good look on this mix.

  3. you can't fuck with o.c. and buckwild, i have recently been thinking of a fantasy supergroup that i doubt would be able to happen how does o.c., organized and oldworldisorder with buckwild on the boards grab ya?? huh?
    decent post

  4. Dope... But thats Percee P on the cover if I am not mistaken?