Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sample Set #17

Quite possibly the best West Coast hip hop album to come out since Dr. Dre's 2001 (back in '99), Doctor's Advocate is, in my opinion, a slight notch above his breakthrough debut The Documentary. For starters, Doctor's Advocate had a more cohesive sound throughout, and overall upheld a recognizably more West Coast vibe than it's predecessor. Sure, The Documentary had more successful radio hits, but Advocate was a much stronger effort. Just my opinion.... Bringing along several of the same producers from his debut (namely Just Blaze, Hi-Tek and Kanye West), West Coast original classics by greats like Ohio Players and Isaac Hayes provided for a great neo-G-Funk experience on tracks like "Compton" and "Remedy." The main backing sample for "Wouldn't Get Far" (which was also flipped for Jadakiss' 2004 track "By Your Side") further established the great collaborative chemistry between Game and Kanye. Other cool samples include the beat loop for "Compton", lifted from Baby Huey's "Hard Times", as well as the emotional outpouring of Lori Perry's "Up Against the Wind" (from the hood-flick Set It Off) used for the album's title track. The sample set for Doctor's Advocate is pretty robust with a rich balance of great original tracks. I hope you enjoy it!