Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health Care Bill a Victory for Barack Obama, Democrats and the Nation

While it’s not the bill I would have preferred – the public option woulda been good (talks are still on the table for an upcoming vote), and single payer woulda been great – I must say that I’m proud to see the Democratic party standing firm in their fight for any sort of health care and health insurance reform. It really was a historic day in our nation’s history. For several decades, presidents have fought for this… and now, it’s here. As I chided on Twitter, Barack Obama’s slogan for his 2012 reelection campaign should read as follows: “Hi, I’m Barack Obama and I get. Shit. Done!”

Many of the president’s critics have blamed him for not being strong enough to get his proposed goals accomplished. I have been one of those critics. And tonight, I’ve had to eat some of those words. Did it take Obama too long to pass health care reform? The past year says “yes”; history says “no.” He’s only managed to do what no other president has ever done, and for that, he deserves some props. Nancy Pelosi deserves her due credit as well. Republican congressmen better be thanking their lucky stars that they’ve already got health insurance, because their asses are gonna be hurting in the morning. :D

On the other side of the globe, France’s Socialist Party gave President Nicolas Sarkozy and the conservatives quite a beating in the polls, a potential sneak peek at what’s to come in the country’s 2012 presidential elections in which Sarkozy will be seeking reelection. It seems like Bernard-Henri Lévy got it wrong after all. :D


  1. I tend to move in lockstep with you on nearly everything, Ivan, but I don't agree on this one. I am among the liberals who remains incredibly skeptical about this bill. It does not do enough to address what I think is the real problem: cost. Insuring more people will probably lower some cost, as more preventative care will be promoted and emergency-room-as-doctor-office will diminish. But without a public option increasing competition through market power, I am skeptical that costs will really be brought down meaningfully.

    Also, I can't believe that the Democrats had to negotiate among themselves by haggling over abortion rights. Abortion is legal under the Constitution; the Supreme Court has said so. You don't negotiate away protections captured by the Bill of Rights. In no other issue would that be tolerated. Allowing Stupak et al. to limit funding for something that is legal, responsible, and healthy is a tremendous failing of this president and this leadership. It's not what Obama ran on, and it's another of the many compromises he's made.

    This health care bill represents a preferable outcome when set against the potential bill that might have come from a Republican president. But that doesn't say much. And my fear is that the root health care problems can now be neglected while every politician claims that we've addressed health care. As with everything else under Obama, this "success" is one that has again come at the expense of true reform. We were promised the hope of change, not this.

  2. It's a good start.. I'm very glad it's finally passed so we can get some other things done.. There's no shortage of problems that need solving..

  3. The funniest part of this entire year-long process has been watching the Republicans turn red and watching Carl Rove's head almost explode in anger yesterday morning on This Week on ABC.

    Republicans have been throwing huge hissy fits over this thing and it's great to see overly-tanned old rich white men turn the color of eggplant. ^_^

  4. Devotion is one of their goals! Stop swimming in folly! Hopefully you all wake up soon and realize liberalism is a mental disorder. America's dangerous times are just beginning. The upper echelon are using you as tools to an end(liberals/conservatives/citizens who never do their own research, it doesnt matter to them!!). I fell for obama just like you all are worshipping him. It's been crazy - I'm a hiphop DJ...and now most of hip hop is embracing mind tricks forgetting how powerful the devil is. "Go to God..Don't go to the Devil. Let me take you to a Higher Level" KRS said it well.

  5. This is not good for the nation and you are ignorant for not being more educated and informed. "The public option woulda been good"? Government controlling healthcare is a nightmare. You are a waste, you depend on the government, and you support Obama because he is black. You fucking clown.