Sunday, September 14, 2008

EPMD - Strictly Business [The Samples]

Released in 1988, Strictly Business was EPMD's debut album, a classic album. Just 10 tracks long (short?), Strictly Business was just that: straight to the point, effective. I'd call this album 'flawless'. Hands down one of the most perfect hip hop albums in existence. Erick & Parrish laid down some heat on the mic, and the production was top-notch as well. Released back when sample-usage was boundless, EPMD created a musical collage drawing from a wide spectrum of influences from several genres, many of them completely unexpected -- but never out of place! With 90+ minutes worth of sample material, this one's got everything from Clapton to Zapp, Steve Miller to Rick James -- and many, many more. Soak it all up and kick back to this classic sample set, 'cause you gots to chillll!

Havin' a little fun:

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  1. your site is amazing- most of your posts are great, but including your politics (Osama in particular) through this vehicle is a disservice. May as well be called Flip Flop is Cred then cause no chance Hussein is gonna win.

  2. I appreciate the kind words. With that being said, how can you be such a hateful person to compare a fellow American to a terrorist? I imagine people like you waking up in the morning and scheming on new ways to conspire your cynicism and hatred.

    Just sayin'.... Take some advice from EPMD: You Gots to Chill!!!!!!

  3. Its corny that people leave messages about the site and its content, but drop "Anonymous" as a name. That's wack.

    Just my worthless 2 cent.

  4. Yo this is one mans blog: and the man is pro-Obama so he can do what he wants here...

    we the people are empowering him by reading it.

    With that being said, im no obama stan, i think hes better then McCain, but im not down with the government. all their politricks seem to not be good for the future.

    werd, dope post by the way

  5. oh i gotta add, the picture in this post is priceless hahaha

  6. again, i think this site is amazing- one of the best consistent blogs out there period... but Obama doesn't talk about what his "change" will be. saying "change" doesn't equate the action. nationalizing health care won't work and we need to drill for oil while we work towards energy independence. he is a great orator and a good man, but in the lesser of two evils, McCain is 100% going to win. i'm anonymous cause Ivan would know who I am and i don't need him giving me shit for my politics. :)

  7. The problem is that people don't want to READ. He clearly defines change right here (, although I doubt you'd even put enough of the effort to click that link.

    Drilling for oil solves nothing. It's a temporary fix (and I mean that in more ways than one).

    I could go on...

  8. Dope post. EPMD is one of da illest tag team groups of all time. I luv da samples, and i luv da pic of Biden and Obama even more. A vote for dat good ol' boy Mccain is a vote for another good ol' dumb ass war. We're in a financial crisis as a nation and there is people who wanna actually elect a dude who doesnt even understand the concept of email to lead us out of it? Fuck a Mccain and a Palin.

    Obama/Biden '08 Yes We Can!!!!