Sunday, March 22, 2020

Samples & Examples #1

Longtime friends and fans of the site will remember a feature called Sample & Example, in which I'd post two songs: a sample and an example. Simple enough, right? That later evolved into the Samples of the Year compilations, as well as, of course, the Sample Sets you've all come to love. I haven't put out a new Samples of the Year or Sample Set in a long time, I know. But hopefully, this new series will make up for that.

Samples #1 is a mix which features 15 tracks sampled in 2019. Think of it as a mini-Samples of the Year compilation. Examples #1 will be a Mixcloud Select exclusive mix (might end up just making it available to all, we'll see) of the tracks that sampled... the samples! The (fun) challenge for me, as I compiled, sequenced, and mixed all of these tracks, was to keep a consistent tracklisting. Track 1 on Samples #1, for instance, is the sample used on track 1 on Examples #1, and so on.

Give 'em a spin on Mixcloud and lemme know what you think. Peace.