Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Tape Deck #457


I went back and counted it and... 456 is the actual number of installments/volumes of The Tape Deck which preceded this one. (I started doing this over a decade ago.) So instead of calling this The Tape Deck '19 Volume #14, I'm just going with the simpler The Tape Deck #457. Kinda like they do with comic book issue numbers from time to time. And so on moving forward, until I, uh, (possibly) change my mind again? Idk... SZA on the cover because... well, just because. Enjoy this mostly-instrumental mix and support some of these projects highlighted below:

(Full tracklisting in comment section)

Natia The God - "Bring the Pain" & "Wrong Way Pt. 3"

Natia The God LP is available today, December 13th, via POW Recordings.

Street Corner Music
Big Tone + House Shoes (Big Shoes) - "From My Mouth to Gods Ear"
K, Le Maestro - "Pyrex" & "Blossoms"
Stro Elliot - "Hey Slim"

Disco Vietnam - "Chantix Dreams"

Check out the most recent installment in the series of House Rabbi beat tapes from Disco Vietnam.

Dixon Hill & Guilty Simpson - "My Word", "Gravamen" & "So True"

Guilty Simpson has been on fire this year, dropping Child of the Jungle, Sterling, and the above-referenced Actus Reus. Coming up in 2020: LSD.

Stalley x Jansport J - "Innermission"

Nolan the Ninja - "Spa$e (B-Side)" & "Heir"

Young Black And Gifted - "Elevate"

Roc Marciano - "God Loves You" (feat. Cook$)

Step Brothers
Evidence - "Water Torture", "G Shock" & "Real Diamonds 93706" [Bandcamp]
Step Brothers - "How to Surf" & "Burnt Tree"
The Alchemist - "Saturday Night Special"

...and more...