Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Strange Sounds #8

Sorry, guys. I've been binge watching Daredevil lately. But don't think I forgot about the master of the mystic arts and his... Strange Sounds! I'm back yet again with installment #8: revisiting the sounds this series started out with, namely and mainly psychedelic and garage rock from decades past. I hope these mixes have been opening your eyes and ears, broadening your horizons, and leading you on new musical journeys of your own. I appreciate any comments, praise, critiques, whatever... Most of all, I hope you value the music. Enjoy... And as always... Turn it up!!

1. Marvel Comics - Doctor Strange 1967 Radio Show EP (Intro)
2. Lucifer's Friend - Ride In the Sky
3. The Gods - Misleading Colours
4. CMU - Mystical Sounds
5. Teddy Robin & The Playboys - Magic Colours
6. Bent Wind - The Chant
7. Morgen - Purple
8. The Third Bardo - Rainbow Life
9. Vladimir Cosma - Black Flowers
10. Weed - Sweet Morning Light
11. Machine - Old Black Magic
12. Clear Blue Sky - My Heaven
13. Priscilla Coolidge - Salty Haze
14. Motherhood - Devil Don't Get Me
15. Bass Drum of Death - Faces of the Wind
16. Sonic Youth - Within You Without You
17. Marvel Comics - Doctor Strange 1967 Radio Show EP (Outro)